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Originally Posted by Paebr332 View Post
Ferrari had nowhere near the car Red bull had last season and Romain Grosjean at Belgium played a key role in why Alonso did not win the WDC.

So how many F1 victories and world championships do you have? I am pretty certain Alonso has you beat on both counts. In fact, I bet he has more podium finishes this season than you have in your entire "career."

Stupid argument is stupid.

Really you are going there, "Stupid".

"Stupid agument is stupid."

You must realise at some point, that you are asking some random guy on an internet forum how many F1 victories and world championshis he has won...

Also staying with the safe bet that Alonso has more podium finishes this year than me... Some random guy on the internet!

Sir I to you in all your infinit wisdom !

I thought we were here to play nice and have fun...

Ps No F1 victories, no WDC and Alonso has more podium finishes this year than me.... some random guy on the net !
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