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Originally Posted by MattySull View Post
I have a question for you all that I don't believe deserves it's own thread.

My R65 is annoying and buzzy as hell on the highway. This leaves me to cruise at what I feel is a painfully slow 55mph. Without buying a new bike, how can I fix this gearing issue I am having? Well I came up with swapping out the rear drive (31:9) for something else.

I would like a 33:11 rear drive (3.00 ratio) but it seems they are all on R80s and R100s with disks and my bike has a rear drum. Can retrofit the drum in there or would I have to swap to disks?
Fitting the drum requires a new wheel, axle, rear drive and a brake rod/nut/spring.

I'd fix the buzzy. Get the wheels/tires dynamically balanced at a shop. power balance the carbs for your preffered cruising RPM. Past that you have to go into the motor and precision balance rods and pistons...not likely needed except to get the last .01%. Make sure footpeg rubbers and grips are 100% and maybe even fit a bar snake---but it's better to eliminate vibration rather than masking it. it's shaking fasteners and electrics, not good.

Losing a wheel weight is a common occult cause of vibration. It also gets worse as tires wear. new tires always feel so good...

Fitting farkel valve caps also throws off the balance.
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