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Originally Posted by motoged View Post
Could you guys say a bit more about how you think the CP's work, please ?

Are they lookouts for the safety of the community, or the narco-industry (which provides lots of community "improvements").

I understand the concept of communities forming their own security systems....and also know that Copper Canyon is a significant drug supplying area. As such, it is sometimes un-nerving to have guys in civvies packing automatic assault weapons.

Recently on a ride in Michoacan, I saw a situation with a group of guys in civvies hovering around a pick-up with a guy sprawled on the front seat with his own machine gun.....I didn't know if he was dead or looking for his keys???? and kept on riding...

Thanks for more insight to your experience and understanding of this issue.
I can only speculate, but take a look at this linked article

We never felt threatened, and in some sense it was reassuring to know there was some sort of protection in the area. Didn't see these guys in Batopilas, Urique, Chinapas, Alamos, El Fuerte, but maybe the Chamber of Commerce in those towns has a little more influence. They might have just been 'less' visible.

There is a "Is Mexico Safe" thread at
Probably more information and better to discuss there.

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