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Originally Posted by swamp View Post
Im not doing anything to my motor. I don't want to sacrifice reliability. Im happy with the power and how it is delivered. I done see myself needing anymore power for what this bike will be used for. Maybe you could tune it with a power commander...I think its fine the way it is.
Yeah, I agree. My OCD ADD got the best of me
I never mod my engines more than the exhaust or jetting. I want rock reliable. Actually, I just went down the road a minute ago and I have to say that the bike feels stronger off the bottom with the Leo Vince for sure. And who cares?! It sounds awesome! I do love the stock power. I got carried away for a moment and almost forgot what I bought that bike for.
And besides, I have bigger fish to fry. Was it you that went to the dealer the other day and tried the scooter? I did today and I'm getting one for the wife (and me and the boys:) I never would have dreamed a scooter could be so fun to ride! What a flamer
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