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Originally Posted by Akhenaten View Post
That's my most urgent question right now - how DO you lift your bike after a spectacular spill? Because I've been doing some very spectacular spills (noob to the trails) and I'm having a hell of a time pulling my bike (WR250R) back to an upright position.

It's getting to the point where I'm far more afraid of lifting my bike than launching off it in some unnatural manner.

It was a fun spill; I ended up flying down the ravine and landed about eight feet directly below my bike. After taking a bunch of pictures, I prepared to retrieve my bike and go on my way.

I'm not a weak woman, but I absolutely could NOT move my bike. At all. I lift heavy weights on a regular basis but after 45 minutes of struggling without moving it an inch, I realized I was pretty much screwed. A hillbilly with a big, bushy beard came rolling up and yanked the bike out and back upright with surprisingly little trouble. Thank goodness for hillbillies.

Anyway. This is the bruise I got last night. From falling? NO. Simply from LIFTING my WRR upright:

So how do you do it?? Do I need to carry a come along and an elaborate pulley system with me on every trip? Bring a hillbilly in a sidecar? Buy a winch?
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