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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
Yeah, you're right. The same happens in IndyCar. And in NASCAR. I mean, I guess you could hate on all those series for the same reason. The cars are looking for the best equation, the best balance of fuel, tires and parts, that gets them to the end with the maximum haul of points that is realistically possible.

You know a lot more about motorsports than I ever will, you certainly know all this better than I do, so I guess I don't understand your beef.
I have never watched a complete NASCAR race and I haven't watched an entire IndyCar race since . . . the late-90's? Maybe I've watched a couple 500's since then. My reasons are varied and not relevant to a F1 discussion. I don't "hate" on those series for a simple reason: I don't care about them. Never have, in the NASCAR case, and haven't in a long time in the case of IndyCar.

My beef with F1 is that it is more business than sport. By a wide margin. The amount of money sloshing around in the series enables the sort of carbon-fiber weave pattern fetishism some like to indulge in, but it also requires team principals to think about making the monthly nut on a 3,000-person payroll and the courting of the kind of people who think Rosberg's competitive instincts pose too great a risk to Daimler AG's investment. The Board didn't spend all that money to go racing, dear boy.

All of those hundreds of millions spent chasing a tenth, just to cruise in formation for half (at least) of the "race." It's absurd. I can't pretend otherwise.

But to those who confuse Vettel's actions for those of a true racer, wronged by the system: Bullshit. He's just a twat.

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