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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
I haven't been to the NORRA race since 2010, and I'm not going this year. And I'm not making any assumptions of good or bad, I'm just informing as best I can. NORRA is pretty slow at getting this type of information out, so I'm trying to help.

I've known for a long time that Strong Bad and plenty of others would not like this type of change. But it's not me doing it, it's NORRA. I'm not a member of NORRA and I have no decision making powers over them.

I did tell Ken at NORRA that the sh*t would hit the fan as soon as this was announced, and he said "bring it on".
Wait....what????? You add your personal agenda to NORRA and you aren't even going to show up??? WHAT THE FUCK??? If you aren't even going to be part of it, maybe you should stop screwing it up for those of us who are. Jesus Scott really, what the hell are you doing???? Bending Ken's ear on rally stuff and now trying to back peddle and blame it generically on "NORRA" and you aren't a member and have no official position.....

I guess you guys don't realize what a huge advantage it gives two seat cars and how bad it rat fucks the single seat guys. Good thing its only going to be 20 miles, but the idea is what is out of place.
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