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What will break next
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On Saturday the fun began, I was going to be using one of their rental bikes and since they only rent BMWs, I went with the F800 since I figured it was closest to the bikes I own. My first bike surprise was the tires…not exactly what I was expecting for an off road riding school. (As I mentioned in an earlier post, looking back I think having those tire actually helped me get more out of the class)

The Next Step class gathered up and headed out. Del (our lead coach) gave us the longest lecture of the entire class as we got started….about a whole 20 minutes worth. His method was to learn by doing so we spent the next two days doing.

After getting the bikes configured to the riders and going through a clutch exercise we headed off on a little ride to get warmed up. The first stop was assessment time. There was a path marked with a wide chalk line that we were to follow. It had twists and turns around rocks and trees, through a narrow gap and around a tight figure 8. The very first turn was a slightly off camber tight right hand turn around a rock. As I rounded the turn and started down I lightly touched the front brake…Bam! Down I went, a quick tuck and roll and I was on my feet. Jason, one of our coaches was right there to help me get the bike picked back up. As we were picking up the bike the only thing he said was “the Russian judge gave you an 8 out of 10…the ending was good, but the dismount could have been better”….What a great way to start
I ended up doing about 5 loops with no other gymnastic scores and was told to go with the “A” group. Of the 20 riders in the class, 6 stayed back with the “B” group. 4 of those ended up thinking it might be better if they went joined the Intro class.

After our assessment exercise, I tweeaked the clutch and brake adjustments. I ended up doing that a few more times during the morning until I got them how I liked them.
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