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How big of a PITA was it to change?

It was not any more difficult to spoon on than any other tire.

Hold on... the tire on the left is "worn out"?

No it aint worn out...but I can't stand the noise it makes on the pavement. Might stud it up for next winter

If you cant get that bead to seat at max of 40psi- deflate , & spray-or add some soap solution to the entire bead of the tire, (murphy's oil soap works great and is non-corrosive) and try again. Its not necessary to use 60psi or more to seat the bead, and it could cause you some safety issues- like exploding the tire, and we dont want to see an inmate taking himself out with a tire explosion- Save the injuries for riding related mis-haps.

Yeah I deflated used soap, a little WD-40 and re-inflated 4 times...each tim up to 60 psi. Each time it went a little further.
There was about 6" that was giving me a problem. The final time it looked like it was continueing to move ever so slightly .
Wifey and I took off for a 4x4 up in the bush foe a few hours and when I returned home it was all in place
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Man this thread took a wrong turn fantastic tire tho

It sure did

I will not buy another 908 ever! Love the motoz.good as any other knobby on pavement

+1...shittiest tire I have ever bought. Over priced, crapy off road and gave the bike a death wobble on the pavement at 120kph

you are right, sorry guys & joker660- I get carried away sometimes & didnt mean to hi-jack the thread


I found your comments perfectly relevant and friendly in nature and tone.

You made it clear you were not scolding, and were offering only information based on theory, and that others may have had practical experience that differed from theory.

Hope you don't stop making posts like this- I find them helpful, and I appreciate it.

Same here. Never too much totally true !
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