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Originally Posted by strongmendieyoung View Post
when did this game become such a serious thing??

I've been Bruced so many times I can't count. I play the NC tag a lot and you're almost guaranteed to get Bruced every time unless you're out the door as soon as a new tag is placed. Those guys never seem to complain too much about tags staying in the same locale for a long time, and there have been so many tags placed that it is getting hard to find an original place to tag. If someone doesn't get the tag, there will always be another chance. I make the best of it when I get out, find a new road, go try a new diner out etc. That's kind of the point if you ask me, not just snapping a photo and posting it from my smartphone.

Word! I'm new to it and just wanna have fun. Let's keep'er drama free.

BTW: Jason did ya get some new tars yet?

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