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Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
Strong Bad

The more you say the bigger ASS you become.
...Mike likes the $$$ the Modern vehicles and bikes bring in
And they will Dictate the way of NORRA
I somewhat disagree with this. He's a good guy with a lot of passion for his views. And I actually hope the modern vehicles DON'T drive the direction of NORRA. The race is super cool because of the vintage vehicles, people, and course, and the somewhat laid back multi-day stage format. The roadbook and secret course is cool for those who get it, and not so cool for some others. I actually don't care if they drop the roadbooks or go 100% roadbooks only (because other roadbook events are coming to fill the void). I do care if they only do it sort of halfway, which is what they have been doing. It doesn't make sense to do both roadbooks and GPS and have the course known ahead of time.
New desert racing frontiers
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