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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
Massa made two excellent passes to go from 7th to 5th, his last move coming around lap 52 or 53, I think.
Massa works for the Italians. They haven't completely lost sight of the sport. Plus, he was the only Ferrari left, fighting for scraps. On a related note, I don't fault Alonso for staying out. He's a racer; he pushes the limit, sometimes too far.

I know you prefer bikes. Are there no bike races where the guy's just holding onto his position with no hope of catching anyone in front of him? Seems to me I've seen a few (admittedly, I only watch in the most casual way.)
Motorcycles are self-evidently better. Duh.

One important difference: In motorcycle racing, there is no pit-to-rider radio, so no self-important engineer or principal telling the rider what to do every other lap (bless you, Kimi!). The rider is left to use his own judgement, an essential delegation of authority anathema to the corporate world, and F1.

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