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Originally Posted by Paebr332 View Post
Says the guy who claimed to have as many 2012 Championships as Alonso. Nice to see you acknowledge that your argument was monumentally idiotic. It takes a big man to admit to that level of stupidity.
Originally Posted by Paebr332 View Post
Post #496:

"As for what Alonso did last year in the Ferrari... He did not win, even I can do that."

Apparently you can't keep track of the verbal diarrhea you spew.
Come on man, I stated Alonso lost the WDC to Vettel and I could lose to Vettel too! That does not equate to me claiming to has won as many championships as Alonso ! Unless your claim is we both did not win, or we both won zero championships in 2012... If that is the case what would be your point in stating that.

Why based on that do you call me "stupid, idiotic and claim I spew verbal diarrhea" when I have been nothing but polite to you sir ? It is you who has missunderstood plain english and taken some of my posted out of context.

That being said, all is forgiven, clearly you are the better man for insulting me... Again!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!!!

Who believes Webber had this comming to him based on Turkey 2010, Sliverstone 2011 and Brazil 2012 ?
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