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Wow, lots of fired-up posts here.

A few thoughts...
- The new section did not make the cost of the event go up $800 nor did it make the fun-factor of your crews diminish. It's 5%, no biggie. You could write those course notes on your gas tank or a few small sheets of paper on your bars. And nothing is going to change for your crews. The meeting spots will still be known and simple.
- If your crew is heading south days early they should be stoked! It's a non-issue for them unless they've never been south and are clueless anyway. It will be super easy to figure out. I bet if you tell HW in private that your buddies are going to be watching you pass by Scorpion Bay or Gonzaga and will those places be on the course he'd probably tell you "yes" or "no". I mean really, how many places are there your buddies are gonna go to hang a few days? Not many.
- I do not think we need to know the length of each special but more like IF the special is over 100-120 miles and IF there will be a Mag7 in there. Again, not difficult to overcome.
- Jonah Street practided for YEARS with a goofy ass homemade roll chart holder he whipped up out of scrap wood! Why are people buying all this fancy shit? I used the $60 plastic 6" manual holder from Acerbis. I have a few of them new here too if anyone needs.
- BajaDad likes to get all "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" all the time.
- Yes the Dakar riders wear armor suits with jackets over. Many have drinkers built into the jacket. Most carry supplies and stuff in jacket. I don't think anyone wears a bum bag. Yes a jacket seems hot but you stay more hydrated being sweaty rather than the wind blowing your skin dry.
- Personally I'd rather see Norra throw some curves at the long time Baja racers by adding little bypasses to the typical routes everyone knows, and make it count with a penalty for not doing it. In '10 the actual route bypassed the whoops (off to the side) before the SF dump, but very few of us did it. Guys just bombed thru the whoops like they know. Lame.

Everyone relax, it's going to be simple, it'll be fun, and IMO, HW is just the messenger.
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