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Originally Posted by bikerfish View Post
lord I hope not, but the Kawi's are only going to get faster with further development, and you just know that harley is gonna whine and complain instead of offering something competitive. People will bitch and moan, saying how harley dealers have supported riders through the years, blah blah blah. BUT, guess what? we now have Kawi dealers starting to get involved, helping riders and spending money. The ama needs to grow a set and tell harley to worry about building something modern instead of holding the sport hostage with 70's technology.
I'd like to see the triumph up there more also, those things sound glorious!
But its the "History", cant have engines being used on a Mile track designed within the last 10 years.

And really,100 HP is about more then can be used on a mile,wheelspin is the thing even using that much. If Kawi's can be made to hook up and win then Harley needs to step it up.
But then the XR750 needs a full rebuild if run too hard on a Mile.$$$$$$$$$$!

If the sport is going to move on then changes will have to happen, and Harley is unlikely to build a new Flattrack engine.

(Im just thrilled there's 4 Nationals in CA this year!)

Santa Rosa was a great old school cushion track with dirt flying everywhere and sideways bikes at speed!
Some bikes around at times
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