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Originally Posted by PeteN95 View Post
Say what you will about NASCAR, but those guys are driving the crap out of those cars from flag to flag. And there is no way that any of them would "back off" to let a team mate win the second race of the season! Maybe one of the last chase races, but not this early. And they don't "bite their tongues", they go after the guy that screwed them. Sorry, but I prefer to watch racing and that wasn't!
Don't these guys in F1 only get a certain number of engines for the season, otherwise they are docked points? I think its 8 engines. That's why the Red Bull drivers were instructed to dial it back and conserve the engines... but I guess Vettel ignored that and went for the win. Conversely the Mercedes drivers, given similar orders, did what the team wanted them to do and held their positions.

Vettel is obviously a great driver, probably will be one of the greatest of all times, but he's clearly not a team guy... he does whatever he wants, and that really pisses Webber off
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