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I like having both when I can, sport touring bikes perform better on pavement than the average DS could muster down hill with a tail wind.

I've chased ST set up bikes on a 950ADV on long trips through the various mountain ranges and had to work to stay with a fast rider on a ST1300. The limit was not power, it was the front scorpion AT washing out. But, my buddies could not loose me easily though, well the one on the old Blackbird could.

When things get well above 80 mph my FJR really shined out west cruising in a relaxed planted no fuss way. Even my old ST1100 cruised easily at 90 with no drama, can't say that about my DS bikes. Add real DS tires like TKC's and fast corners will make you pucker, but still grin like a jack ass...

The magazines are selling advertising and an image. I like them all, they all have their place. But when I think of a ST, that covers so much. But being 6'-3" I felt better on the big ones, FJR, ST13, C14. Great touring bikes, I'll take one of each thank you.

Always wanted a K1300S, no money right now for such a gentlemen's rocket. Nice very nice..
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