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Your “huge advantage” comment makes me think maybe you have no idea what the roadbook actually has in it, and maybe have never even used one that was done in this type of cross-country rally format. You do understand with a GPS the co-driver can call out the sharpness of every curve, in dust, mountain terrain and otherwise “blind” situations, yet with a roadbook you don’t have that information. So a GPS probably gives a 2-seater a bigger advantage over a single-seater than a roadbook does. You may have mistakenly made MY point.[/QUOTE]

Just to correct your last statement, I was the naviagtor for Collins Motorsports last year and had my nose in the "Road book" for 4 days, I can tell you from experience that they marked sharp corners, G-outs and dangers throughout the book. The GPS only shows the trail, not ANY of the hazards. The book is a bigger advantage than the GPS. The only good thing about the GPS is if you get turned around it's easier to find the course than to back track and look through the book to see what you missed. The idea behind NORRA is for people to enjoy the 4 day rally experience. personally i'd like to be drinking adult beverages after each stage with fellow racers than sitting back in my room trying to put tomorrows road book together. Road books have there place in rally's, my feeling is it is not for NORRA.

I respect your knowledge of the rally format and the help you give to American teams racing afar but PERSONALLY moving to this type of system for a race that is suppose to be more about the enjoyment of Baja. Enjoying some good old fashioned racing on a more toned down level than the Baja 1000 is the goal, especially since the majority of the guys racing are either retired racers, weekend warriors or enthusiasts.......not what i would call a stacked field of professional racers.
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