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RedLeg what's your problem ?

Hey Redleg, sorry for the late response. I've been riding and didn't have any internet service until tonight.
You sound like a bully to me. You like to make negative comments and then when someone calls you on it , you try and play like you are Dr Phil, "I was just trying to help you sir." Well, there is no glory in trying to be like Dr Phil, the guy is the King of all douche bags.
What a old and tired analogy about the third place , fuzzy and warm. This isn't a pissing contest, or an AM talk radio show call in. Are we in JM ? What is the point of that attack angle ?
The OP made a gas tank for a specific purpose. He had design parameters he wanted. He didn't want to run down to Big R and pick up a "almost would work tank." He wanted pride of workmanship, and a quality piece of work he could trust on the road. Who are you to tell him he could have done it cheaper and easier ? How does that help anyone ? Come on, why so mean spirited about a guy's great project ?
I doubt your girlfriend appreciates your HONESTY about her shoes. I doubt she likes your attitude that it's always just, tough shit if people don't like it the way you want to call it. Sorry if you don't like my call on this matter, I guess it's just tough shit.

Sorry for tainting your thread OP ! You did a great job and deserve nothing but praise for it.
Redleg, if we ever run across each other, I will buy you a beer. Maybe you aren't like, what I read in your post. I'm sure you aren't so ornery all the time ? I hope you aren't, ADV is for riders trying to help each other, not ridicule each other. What is the point of negative comments ?
Now Jo Momma, that's a different deal. This isn't JM.
I'm done here and won't make anymore comments to mess up your thread. I'm sorry if I have. Have a safe and great ride, I will be following it, when you post it up.
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