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Originally Posted by rico2072 View Post
I do think that your "Fuck it" attitude was a learned behavior, right?
There are a lot of outside influences that can shape one, was it one for you?
Spill the beans!
I know, I personally had lots of outside influences that made me miss some great opportunities, personal demons which took a few years to get over, human losses that shaped me, and little ones that make me more cautious......still I probably wouldn't change 99% of it, because it makes me who I am. I say 99% only because to me there is no absolute in life. Well maybe in
First off, forgive me for replying to a post from page 48, but I'm just working my way through this RR (EPIC is the word) and this topic is one that is dear to my heart.

AH's "sweat equity" observations are spot on the money, contingent upon an individual being able to become self-aware enough to overcome limiting programming, e.g., "You'll never amount to anything", etc. We all really do have equal opportunity to rise to our individual peak performance, but limitations are programmed into us along our development that can impede our ability to achieve our peak.

Personally, I think the meditative "in the moment" aspect of riding is entirely conducive to arriving at such self-awareness and helping oneself to overcome limiting thinking. Opportunities aren't granted by life -- that is disempowering and itself limiting thinking. Opportunities are created by right thought and right action creating synchronicity and serendipity in our daily experience. The choices we make (programmed or self-aware) along our journey define the life we create for ourselves.

In becoming self-aware and striving to patiently overcome our demons, we bootstrap serendipity to deliver unto us opportunities that will necessarily change our lives. We may not be Einsteins, but we each have the capacity to rise to our ultimate potential. It is up to each of us to step up and take on that challenge.


Thanks for an epic and inspiring RR. Back to page 48 I go.
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