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Originally Posted by HoneyBunz View Post
Team ordered finishes are a bad idea, not just in hindsight but in foresight. Like herpes, they just won't go away.

Horner made a very bad call. This is the primary issue. Now his team is stuck with the unintended consequences. This is as it should be.

Vettel's decision is secondary. The consequences for him should reflect that.

Ross Brawn is far worse. His history with team ordered finishes is epic.

Ecclestone needs to back up his barking about this, with a bite.
You are basing your opinion of Horner's call on how you think the rule book should be and not on how the rules are in reality. In reality team orders are OK by the rules. In reality teams are chasing constructor's points, because that's where the money is. In reality the team boss's decisions were in the best interest of the team goal ($$$... and don't kid yourself, its all about $$$. If some Glory and personal goals come along with the package, all the better). In reality team orders are a strategy to achieve this.

The teams were doing exactly what they needed to do. Vettel decided to forgo this decision and raced for his own personal goal. He decided his own goal was more important than the team goal (and then pussied out in admitting in later). That's all there is to it. What consequences come from that are up to team management, what priorities the team place on various goals moving forward and how they think the path to the team's goals can be achieved under current circumstances.

Whether we like it or not the teams are all about $$$ and will use the rules to there fullest extent to get there. If you don't like the rules (or the quality of racing resulting from the rules) fine, but that is a different argument.
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