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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
I'm living proof of the opposite of that last sentence. Going from Manasshole to Rockville on a daily basis and sharing lanes when needed was the only thing getting me to work close to on time.

Its actually not bad here in the DC area. Lots of immigrants who are used to bikes sharing lanes 'in my country' so they don't bat an eye at it. Yes, you'll encounter the occasional redneck in a pickup that thinks he needs to be 'road police' but you can typically spot them well ahead of time.

99% of the people are brain-dead zombies thinking about anything BUT driving a car. You're past them before they realize you're even on the road with them.

Having said that, you can't just share 'CA Style' around here without attracting the wrong kind of attention from the po-po. Go a few cars, hop in a gap. Go a few cars, hop in a gap. Repeat as necessary.


We have had this discussion before. I think a lot has to do with when and where. Nearly any hour of the day on 95 to and from Stafford and all the way to DC on 395 you would find a completely different story. I lived in Woodbridge for 9 years, and can't count the number of times drivers either though poor driving, or through agressive jerkiness, have nearly run me off the road. More than once they threatened me just for passing them, not even lane splitting. I can easily immagine their reaction if I split lanes during rush hour when traffic was at a near stand still.

Just think what it is like on a bicycle, and multiply that by 10 for a MC splitting on the freeway. I could filter in-town traffic some, but still there are issues.

I won't even get into the police issues!

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