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Did you guys fix the Bluetooth stereo music (A2DP) quality? I paid $1000 for this thing (Nav IV) based on the idea that I'd be able to listen to music through my helmet. Apparently the BT chip is grossly under-spec'ed for A2DP which unsurprisingly results in in extremely poor quality for music. Music requires a substantially higher bitrate than the phone/voice-guidance features. Currently have to use my cell phone for music listening purposes, the Nav IV is "unlistenable".
It may not even be the chip. When Bluetooth devices connect, they negotiate the bitrate. Often the low bitrate is intentionally hard coded to improve reliability of the connection. A simple software change could improve the quality. The mp3 player is so inconvenient I'd use my phone anyway. For example, if I have more than one album by the same artist, Zumo wouldn't play the albums in sequence, but arranges songs from all albums in the alphabet order.

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