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Originally Posted by epicxcrider View Post
Oops, I meant raise
I knew what you meant. It's always a connundrum. Raise the forks vs. drop the triples.

Dropping the front end by 5-10mm will make the bike turn in more quickly and handle better for some folks. It will make the front end a bit more twitchy under acceleration. Different bikes get different solutions.

On my GSXR-750 race bike the preferred set up is actually to raise the front 5-7mm (bringing them to flush with the triples or even 5mm down into the triples) and also raising the rear by putting a 5-7mm shim at the shock clevis (stack of washers). It raises the bike and makes it handle and turn in better. Weird right? But that is what the trackday & race pace needs on that bike.

On the F800GS from day one I popped the forks up 5mm. It always handled better and it made the rear shock work better.

Why? I think it put a bit more weight on the front during decel. Which would also add to the front end woes with the stock forks. Once I got the front end done with the Shiver forks the front end was 10x better and the rear shock worked "ok" for me at 185lbs. With luggage & gear it was still terrible but solo it worked ok but not great.

Still time for Elka shocks
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