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Originally Posted by Adrian V View Post
I'm thinking of getting a Lynx for my DRZ 400, but I have a few questions:

Do the halogen lights come in a version for Oz where cars drive on the left?

How much brighter are the HID lights?

What model is the projector low beam light?

Would these new (ish) Hella Bi Halogen lights be an option:

The Bi-Halogen lights might be worth considering as both lights can stay on when on Hi and Low.



Yes, the lights are switched for driving on the 'wrong' side of the road ! Actually a third of all our Lynx production goes down under.

The standard Halogen Hellas will push out over twice the light that your OEM unit does and HID will up that a further 50%.

The Lynx wiring harness is configured so that the low beam remains on when the high beam is switched, so you get both lights. Bi Halogen isn't really an option, because most bikes will struggle powering two 65w lights all the time and Bi Xenon is too pricey.

For this reason, most guys choose HID on the low beam to bring power draw down on the lamp that is on all the time. HID on Hi is nice , but many don't use Hi that much with these low beam projectors, so save the money.

Cheers Ian
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