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Finally, the last few posts have seen the real truth of the situation. Vettel did more of a disservice to the team then he did to Mark Webber.

Webber had newer tires and had good pace in the last stint. Had he not followed the team orders to turn everything down and coast home, I'm sure he would have been able to hold off Vettel who was lapping slower and was on options that were several laps older. The options were only lasting 11-13 laps and Mark was on the harder of the two choices.

Whether Vettel likes it or not, he is racing for a team and when the team boss says turn your engine down and hold position, it is probably in your best interest to do so. The team would have known the lap times both were running and what tire condition both drivers had. Not only that, they would also have access to far far more data that we as a viewing public did not have access to. We do not know if the RB team were seeing hydralic or electrical or temperature issues on the cars prompting them to turn the power down and get the cars home. What we do know is that the team principal made the call to bring the cars home in the order they were running and one of the drivers decided that was not good enough.

As I see it, although it was unfair to Mark, I believe the bigger issue is between the team principal and Vettel. Clearly Horner does not have control over Vettel and clearly Vettel can do whatever he wants with relative impunity. Will be interesting to see how this shakes out over the course of the season.

I don't see Mark being an ass about it. He is a team player and will race on. I guess time will tell!

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