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Scott, I do not think it says anywhere that prerunning is not allowed. In fact Mike Pearlman took several racers on a prerun recently, Walker Evans and a couple of the Vegas guys. I guess if you want to prerun you have to ask Mike for the map.

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My agenda isn't to push them to do it, it's to help them get it right if they choose to do it. I asked if they needed me for anything during the race, and they said no. I put all that work into the roadbooks and GPS files over the years and I don’t even get a free hotel room! I agree, WTF!
Seems a bit "strong" for such a tiny piece of the course. I'm a helper just like many of the other helpers that are not racing it. I think you're giving me more power and credit (or blame) for this than I deserve. Mike and Ken and all the others are big boys who make their own decisions. They chose, all on their own, to provide roadbooks, call it a rally, and not allow prerunning long before I even knew of the event. I did point out some loopholes and flaws with their initial system, so I guess I deserve a tiny bit of credit, maybe 5% of the 5%. I knew this heat was coming before I made the post, but it's still best for everyone to know sooner rather than later, and to understand how best to deal with the technical aspects.

As I pointed out before, in many circumstances a roadbook is better than a GPS. If you're prerunning, then you might know where the nasty hazards are, but prerunning is not allowed. The roadbook tells you exactly where they are, and what they are. The GPS file doesn’t have that information. There are advantages and disadvantages both ways.

Doesn’t a 2-seater with a co-dog and a GPS provide a big advantage over a single-seater with only a GPS? It’s not clear at all which puts the single-seater at a greater disadvantage, GPS or roadbook.

Personally I don’t think one is “better” than the other. They are just different ways to find your way to the finish.
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