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Originally Posted by hyperboarder View Post
Any update from Are? Did the adapters and remaining tools ship? And have you gotten the first set yet?

no, he's not the best communicator. The 1st set tools could show up this week or next, and he told me last week that the remainder would ship Tuesday (yesterday). I think it was 10-11 days to get here from Estonia. I'm just as anxious as you guys, maybe more, since any problems are going to create a nightmare for me. I promise I will post up as soon as I hear anything at all.

Originally Posted by gozirra View Post
Looking at the paid list you all thought I was going to flake so you could move up a spot, HAHAHA NO!

Paid and last! winnar

or piney you has paypal. (nonzgiftzoptionsz)
LOL, there were like 5 guys eyeing your spot
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