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Originally Posted by HoneyBunz View Post
The fraud of F1 -
A contest between money managers is being disguised and sold as a contest between cars and drivers.

Brawn and Horner put their drivers in a situation where they were not supposed to fight for a win. They were willing to settle for less than a win.
They screwed up.

All or nothing, win it or bin it, is dead.
Neither Mercedes was ever going to catch the Red Bulls. I'm not quite sure what you're saying.

Jenson Button sums it up nicely, delineating the difference between personal ambition and the importance of obeying your team.

"I find team orders difficult anyway but to disregard a team order is something different. I am not a fan of giving a driver preferential treatment, but the issue here is that Vettel did not want team orders."
To me, this is a natural outcome of Red Bull treating Vettel like a spoiled child all these years. He has always been allowed to do what he pleases and he has ignored team orders in the past without any consequences.

He's probably wondering what all the fuss is about.

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