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It's not my style, but style is a subjective thing. I can understand why someone would want it because of it's looks, and there will likely be quite a few well heeled buyers out there that just have to have one. I'd spend my money on a GTS300 Super, and some gas.

Just my opinion, but Vespa needs to be careful. They already sell premium priced scooters, I consider them the H-D of the scooter world. But this model looks like it was designed strictly for looks, a rolling sculpture, a piece of jewelry. I see a valid comparison to the new Indian motorcycle, which will most likely be a piece of seriously overpriced artwork on wheels, a status symbol, rather than a practical transportation vehicle. Current Vespas (and most H-Ds) are at least fairly practical.

I actually wish Vespa had made an exact cosmetic copy of one of their '50s model scooters instead, only with modern quality and reliability. I also wish SOMEONE would make a traditional looking scooter with a manual transmission. I'd be waiting in line for that one. Owning a Stella, the benefits of a manual transmission are so obvious. It's to bad the Stella is to unreliable to take trips on. I have no doubt this thing would climb Pike's Peak, if it didn't overheat and seize. It certainly has the gearing for it.

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