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Originally Posted by koncha View Post
I think what you are looking for is a deckover with a total deck length, minus dovetail, over 20'.

My brother has a Big Tex 20' + 5' that he uses to move around his container full of tools for job sites. He kept the dovetail because he uses it to move equipment as well.

He also got the dual tandem wheels.

I said it earlier but I realize that it's easy to overlook comments. The trailer is intended for another project related to the whole travel-and-living theme. If its primary purpose were to carry containers I'd go with a different design. But for my purposes a slight modification should allow it to carry a single 20 ft. container every so often.

Originally Posted by koncha View Post
You also might want to look into a Haacon lift if you are going to move containers yourself. Every once in a while, they show up in government auctions or eBay.

Thanks! I have set a search on my eBay app to see if any come up for sale. I wasn't familiar with that company or those products but that's very similar to what I planned to build myself.

Why reinvent the wheel, right?

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