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Originally Posted by AdamFL View Post
The comments on the keys are one of the reasons I always bypassed them and sailed to the Bahamas. Little regulation and or enforcement and the spear fishing way better. The gentrified parrot heads have pretty well claimed the keys with their 35' center consoles and Tommy Bahama shirts.

You know me pretty well. I was involved in the Parrothead and early club movement enough to get a mention in a book on the subject.

At the time there used to be plenty of travelers and adventurers in the Parrothead movement but we kinda got pushed aside by the drunken old gossiping women who are notorious for not tipping when they go to Key West annually.

I love the Keys but I stopped attending Meeting of the Minds several years ago when my friends from the Keys started to say that I was pretty cool but they were surprised that I would associate myself with some of those people ;)

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