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Originally Posted by Alarm View Post
As i am really interested in a '09 or '10 model , it would be great if someone could provide me with following information:

1) Are there any major differences between 09 and 10 model ?

2) I have seen that there was a recall for the suspension system, are
there any known issues that seem to rise up on the SMT series ? water cooling system, clutch or anything else.

3) What has to be checked on the 30.000km service ? Valves, oil , anything else?

4) Does the akrapovic exhaust system (not full system) increase fuel consumption ?

5) Is there something i should pay extra attention on the SMT, since it will be a used bike.

Thank you in advance
As far as I know
1. No
2. Recall on suspension? no clue never had an issue regarding this with my 09
3. Sorry no idea
4. Depends, standard map no, akra map yes.
5. Most likely issues, the clutch slave cylinder, although with SMT's that is rarer since they are relatively (vs the 950/990 Adv) new.
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