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Originally Posted by kingby View Post
These types of rules were put into place to bring down some of the costs to play. I believe they were trying to even out some of the team advantages and allow the lesser budget team to be able to better compete.

The idea was to increase the amount of racing, but I am not sure if they are getting their intended results when you factor all the rules into the game.

To be fair, the cost restrictions and the competitive racing are two separate issues.

With the former, costs were out of hand. The commentators were talking about teams which were designing cars and engines exclusively for qualifying. Rich teams were on the verge of building an entire low-mass chassis purely for qualifying. Crazy expensive. F1 still can't agree on a spending cap, but teams have agreed to restrict testing, restrict the number of engines and transmissions which can be used, among other things.

Lowering the cost of entry was a somewhat separate issue. Pushed by Spanky, the idea was to offset the influence of auto manufacturers and fill the field with teams that were interested in racing, not manufacturing. Spanky felt the sport was vulnerable to the vicissitudes of Renault, Toyota et al and he was right. His solution wasn't though. Caterham, Marussia and the now-departed HRT could barely qualify, let alone change the way F1 does its business.

Addressing the issue of competitive racing was actually extraordinary. F1 -- I believe both the FIA and the teams, separately -- polled fans over a few years to find out if the processional racing was a problem. Indeed it was. What was extraordinary is that F1 actually wanted to hear from its fans. Not every day that that happens.

In an attempt to stop the processionals, the FIA tweaked the design rules several times in the hope of making passing easier. None of them worked.

But two things have worked and have either transformed race days for the better (if you're me) or for the worse (if you think it's a gimmick.) The first change is DRS. Now cars aren't slaves to front end instability when they try to make a pass at the end of a long straight. Love it!

The other is built-in tire degradation. This one is more controversial. But clearly it's a wild card that is causing teams problems. And when teams have problems, it's harder for one team to dominate. (This is why there's concern about Lotus having an edge with tires.)

Blah, blah, blah!

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