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My hub now stripped of the vanes, was today tidied up on a lathe ready for the next part of the operation, this is to have made and installed a set of cooling fins just like you would have on a manx or inter, but it is not as easy as that, as you will see.

The first problem that you have to overcome, is leaving room to insert the spokes, and to make it look somewhere near "right" you will need at least two fins, but you only have 16mm to play with on the hub.
So let's see what I am talking about...

Well first we need to go and find some bikes, that have the correct hubs fitted, now that may be a little tricky in your neck of the woods, but for me, I just pop up the road....

So here is am International hub, as fitted to the Garden gate Inter above...

Three fins, tapered hub, and crossover spoke pattern, I can't afford one of these, even in the rare chance of one ever coming up for sale.

And here is the Inter brake plate, single leading shoe, small air scoop, just the look I am after, but I will have to make my own, out of a standard Norton SLS brake plate.

Next up we have a Manx front wheel, two fins, tapered hub, do you notice how none of the spoke rims are braced? and don't forget, these are full on racing hubs, with all the stresses that involves.

And here is the brake plate on the Manx, pretty much the same design as the Inter plate, but with a bigger scoop, and twin leading shoe.

Which brings us to the Triumph/BSA conical hub like my one... here then is a converted hub, this is how mine should look when finished I hope, although I won't be having the cafe racer holes drilled. As it happens, this is also on a Norton racer, this time though it is a Dommiracer.

It also has a genuine TLS brake plate fitted.

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