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Wicked Sammy Hagar had it right

WOW - Do I ever have an update

So, things have been a bit hectic. Aside from my food poisoning, my daughter (7 months old and CUTE!) has had to go to the emergency room twice in the past couple of days due to a really nasty cough and fever. We were worried about RSV, but it looks like it's a combination of a sinus infection and teething - she's got her 5th tooth coming in. She's on antibiotics and alternating ibuprofen/acetaminophen. All should be good, but I just haven't been able to keep up with my blog or this thread. Thanks go out to everyone here for your patience

Getting back to the whole scooter thing... Sunday I took the time to check the fuel and vacuum lines. Both look to be pretty darn new and US made. I disconnected all the vacuum lines at each end and cut just a bit off to give a new connection. I also went ahead and replaced the fuel filter as the old one was kinda cloudy and leaking at a seam. Once all that had been done, it was finally time for the oil changes. My hands were pretty filthy and disgusting, so I didn't get any pics of that.

There are plenty of good videos on YouTube on how to do scooter oil changes and that's where I learned. Actually, here's the video I used:

The engine oil came out looking pretty good and there was plenty of it. The screen looked clean and I didn't see any metal chunks or glints anywhere. Not too bad

The final drive oil was a bit different. It didn't look too great and there wasn't a whole lot of it, either Yeah, but it's not a really big deal - this is a $25 scooter after all

I put decent 15w-40 dino oil in the engine and Yamaha 80w-90 GL4/GL5 in the final drive since I had it hanging around for the final drive in my V-Star.

The next thing I did was to take off the drive train cover as I wanted to see why my kick start felt a bit weird, I wanted to get the numbers off the belt for when it needs to be changed, and I wanted to check the condition of the belt to make sure it wasn't going to disintegrate on me in the next couple weeks.

I made sure to get a pic where I could read all the markings on the belt.

And then I took another pic with everything apart just to show people what's in there.

I found out I really should invest in some better tools

And then I found out why my kick start didn't feel quite right. Check out the bushing next to the gear

I just took the kick start off for the time being. I'll get a new one eventually, but it's just not a priority right now.

All I had left to do at this point was to order mirrors (they've been ordered, but I'm dealing with shipping issues), check the valves, get the temporary registration, safety inspection, and get it registered.

But then I had a thought... The valves don't sound bad and I still have the left side mirror which is the only one legally required...

I took the title down to the DMV to get the temporary registration, but that didn't go as planned. They told me I didn't need a safety inspection based on the year of my vehicle and I got it registered instead

I went home and attached the plate, but didn't have time to reassemble a few things needed before I took it out on the road before I had to get to work. I went back during my lunch break and got a few things put together. The air filter is on, but the storage tub under the seat isn't in and there's no floor mat. Also, due to an issue with the lock on the "glove box" under the handle bars, it's being held closed with duct tape

Sammy Hagar's song "Bad Motor Scooter" was playing in my head along with thoughts of "kick the tires & light the fires" so I got the motor runnin' and headed on the highway (well, surface streets, but work with me here!) and had a blast!

Yes, the carb still needs a bit of tweaking and I should probably increase the idle speed because it doesn't really like to idle when it's cold. Yes, I still plan on checking the valves. I also need to buy some screws to replace some which have gone missing. But I'm having too much fun to let that all get in the way of riding for a while

Some of the things I've noticed since yesterday afternoon are:
  1. Acceleration could be described as gradual or stately, but is completely adequate for around town
  2. Maneuverability in tight quarters at slow speed is freaking amazing if you can get yourself to turn your head and the bars as far as the machine will allow you to
  3. The brakes are actually really darn good!
  4. It's nice not really worrying about scratches, dings, etc.
  5. The center stand really comes in handy for working on the machine or when parked on a hill. The side stand is still pretty nice and convenient if I just have to run in somewhere really quick
  6. I'm still waiting for the fuel gauge to move. I started yesterday with a full tank (about 1.5 gallons) and I've gone about 15 miles. The needle still hasn't budged.
  7. The floor and grocery bag hook are downright handy for bringing things home from the store
  8. The speedometer appears to be as optimistic as someone buying $1000 worth of lottery tickets. I'm looking forward to finding out real speeds with a GPS sometime soon
  9. I can't quite put my finger on why, but this thing is just a whole lot of FUN
Thanks again for sticking around and I'll be sure to post updates as things happen and milestones pass. Have a great day and ride safe everyone
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