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When I was six years old my mom told me that "life isn't fair, and the sooner that I adjusted to that the happier I would be" or something pretty close...

the guy that's going nuts over placing/position, perception of being slighted etc will always have something to talk/bitch about, and thats cool, thats his program, but you'll never fix that with rules as there is always wiggle room, interpretation, and opportunity to straight up cheat.

I used to race in the Triumph Thruxton Cup, its a spec road race class with AHRMA, three guys had cheater engines, the rest of the field did not, we could have asked for tear downs yadda yadda, instead we just didn't respect the guys with the motors. No bullshit, no tension, they were just looked down on and they had to live with themselves. We are our own judges and have to live with our own program.

If you shortcut you know you did, and if you place well as a result and take a bit of anothers glory as a result you own that too. Thats all the motivation that 90+% of amateur hobby racers need.

That's my $.02 - Happy Wednesday - Can't wait for the race. I bet it'll be good times.
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