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Originally Posted by baja-chris View Post
Scott, I do not think it says anywhere that prerunning is not allowed. In fact Mike Pearlman took several racers on a prerun recently, Walker Evans and a couple of the Vegas guys. I guess if you want to prerun you have to ask Mike for the map.
Strange, it used to be in the rules, but now it's not. I'll check and see if that's what they intend.

I know about that recent prerunning. I watched them every step of the way. Fortunately they did not give away the secret part of the course, at least as far as I could tell. But the secret is already leaking out, so I guess as usual some get an unfair advantage.

If they really want to allow prerunning, and they don't want to be seen as giving favortism, then they need to release the course way ahead of time. They are going in the opposite direction with the release of the course, which is what's frustration to me. They need to decide one way or the other which approach they are taking instead of going half way in two different directions.

Originally Posted by baja-chris View Post
I've always wondered how many of the Dakar bike deaths were caused by the rider looking at a roadbook instead of at the track. Of course nobody will ever know.
Nearly every death in recent times has been explainable, at least to some extent. For example my friend Elmer Symons who died in Dakar 2007. He died taking a bit of a shortcut.

How many people die or are seriously hurt in Baja prerunning, or chasing a race because there's time pressure for the crews, or because the hazards are not marked in the official GPS file, or because some driver is following the GPS line in blinding dust at crazy fast speeds? I don't think traditional Baja racing should be banned or avoided because of these things. Racing is dangerous no matter how you do it. If racing were 100% safe, I'd loose interest!
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