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Everyone will crash someday if he rides indefinitely
I should know better than getting involved in the quest to make you see reason, but it seems your grasp on mathematics is equally lacking in 'real life' application, as your take on physics, considering how you justify your decision to tailgate other vehicles. So to say that everyone will crash someday if he rides indefinitely is as daft as walking into a casino thinking that you will ALWAYS win in roulette, provided you have unlimited funds and are always willing and able to double your bet after a loss. See, the thing is that no one LIVES indefinitely (and not even Bill Gates has an unlimited supply money). The question you'd have to ask yourself is - will my life EXPECTANCY be affected by my proposed action - in your case a decision to spend your time in traffic ONE SECOND behind the driver in front of you, rather than the recommended 3 seconds, and how will this effect your life expectancy (if you want to get philosophical about it, you could - some would say SHOULD, but far be it for me to judge -in fact ask yourself how it will affect your life QUALITY). You don't have to have a major in applied statistics to answer that you are NOT stacking the cards in your favor by eroding the safety zone in front of you down to bare bones. If nothing else - at least acknowledge that while riding you will have NO TIME AT ALL, to enjoy the ANY OTHER VIEW, than the brake lights of the vehicle in front of you. Hope they're nice and shiny
Enjoy your ride
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