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Day 35, 2/3/13
Rancho Piedra Blanca to Bahia de Los Angeles

The perfect Baja day had ended at Rancho Piedra Blanca.

We'd awakened early to the belligerent sounds of the cows--hey muchachos, it's leche time.
As we packed we also had to do some more repairs to the DR. The rough roads, rocks and
washboard had overcome the taillight bracket--the steel plate had sheared through at both

Zip ties and electrical tape did the trick, although the zip ties had to be replaced a couple
more times before we were home.

We were headed back for some old favorites on the way back, today the plan was the hot
showers and friendly neighbors at Daggett's on Bahia de Los Angeles via 95 miles of dirt

No pavement at all, just how we like it. It was a good day of riding, navigation was perfect,

roads were deserted

and plenty to keep us on our toes, or at least on our feet.

As we approached the Bahia we found ourselves on the course of the Bahia de Los Angeles
200 that had run just the day before.

Turns out the race team that had extricated us out of the mud of Laguna Salada had been in the
race, but DNF'd with a transmission failure.

We were lucky that we didn't come through here a day earlier. We would have gotten
a taste of Baja desert racing for free...

The roads were pretty chewed up. I tried some of the sand whoops, just for fun. It was fun for
about a quarter mile, then not so fun. Riding a loaded bike just isn't really the best way to
try out sand whoops on a race course.

We made it into Daggett's early in the afternoon, set up camp

and with high hopes from our great day of riding started looking for a place to watch the Super Bowl.
Bryn and I are 49er fans and we'd been thinking there'd be a chance we'd get to watch it after all.

We'd have probably had a better time off in the middle of the Baja desert, camping with the
quiet boojum trees.

It's funny how often you go back to a place you'd really enjoyed in the past, only this time
everything seems different. Well, the race crowd had overwhelmed Daggett's and while the
crowd was gone, the water system had broken down and there was no hot water, toilets were
not flushable (but------full-----of course). It was a Sunday and the resident extended family was
gathered for the weekly gathering. We got to listen to Mexican country music and the usual family
gathering noises late into the night.

We did find a little saggy-floored ramshackle restaurant/bar next door to watch the game, but the 49ers
played horrible defense and to cap it off, an old gringo downed 4 shots of tequila during halftime
and decided that since he hated the 49ers he would prove his manhood by challenging Bryn to
go outside and fight him. I sat watching this unfold, ready to spring up and put this moron down
if he made one move towards him but Bryn is very good at handling stupid drunks, slowly talked
him down, and before the third quarter was over we realized the chest-pounder had left.

I tried to watch the rest of the game but my heart wasn't in it. Neanderthal football fans, toilets filled
to the brim, loud music and raucous laughter while I'm tossing and turning in my tent; it was the one day
in Baja where I didn't feel I was living like a king.

Bryn slept like a baby though.

It was time to go back to the primitive life-----back to Surf Camp tomorrow!

"Coffee first..."

Next Trip: Divide & Conquer...

"it's a dog's life.............and I love it"

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