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Originally Posted by HoneyBunz View Post
We "punters" get to do more than argue. After all we are the original source of all the money. We buy the tickets, subscriptions and sponsor products. Without fans, the whole thing comes to a screeching halt.

I won't support a sport with team ordered finishes.
I don't buy anything. I suppose I sit through the commercials though. And I am a lot less likely to buy a Red Bull this week. I am sure they are crushed.

Originally Posted by HoneyBunz View Post
Vettel's pass on Webber was the top highlight of the race.
I would pay to see that happen again.

BTW-I am not particularly a Vettel fan or a Webber hater. That is what the arguments seem to come down to; Webber fans vs. Vettel fans.
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