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Originally Posted by mdubya View Post
You sure about that? You sure there is no language ensuring that the team will do all in its power to help Vettel to wins the driver's Championship?
Yeah, as sure as I can be without reading the contract myself. As I understand it, it's part of the boilerplate of an F1 driver's contract.

Thou shalt obey.

Vettel is an employee. He shalt obey. A surprising number of people who are on current F1 teams have commented on Vettel's behavior. Interestingly, to a man they condemn it. I have yet to hear a voice raised in support of him. Not even his enabler-in-chief, Helmut Marko, has been willing to absolve him.

It's unanimous. He's a douche.

BTW, we were discussing the F1 driver's hierarchy a few pages back. I'd put Alonso and Hamilton as 1-2, with Vettel 3rd.

But a wild card may be revealed this season. We don't really know what Nico Rosberg can do in a good car. I have a feeling he's pretty darn good. Last season Schumacher's age was given as a reason for Rosberg's superiority. No doubt it was a factor. But Rosberg often did quite well, even winning a race in a very bad car. He may yet surprise those who don't rate him or who don't have him on their radar.

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