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Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
Vintage is overrated. The last time I looked in class XI bug was a class XI bug
100 %of those cars in the race can go Everywhere
If a class XI Volkswagen bug Can Race the score Baja 1000 course and finish
Then all these vehicles that at one time where top level race cars
Can do the same just a little bit slower
It's funny hearing all this stuff about vintage!
I think you are having LSD flashbacks from the 60's! Do you have any idea how many times there isn't a single Class 11 car finish the Baja 1000 when it runs to La Paz (or Cabo)?

Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
Any race organization can and should enforce the rules
And yes you can enforce the no pre-run rule
Don't give out the map until the night before the event to anyone!
Don't supply GPS files to anyone
And if anyone is caught using a GPS there disqualified
If anyone is caught free running 30 days prior to the event there disqualified with no refund
It only takes A few times To happen and people will stop doing it
But back to the real thing at hand
This is a fun event let's keep it that way whether you use GPS or roadblock Everyone needs to drive and ride safely and make it to the big party at the end
Again the flash backs must have kicked in. You think NORRA (or even SCORE for that matter) has the manpower to track down every bike or car that is on "the race course" (otherwise know as access roads) between races to make sure it isn't a racer rather than a regular schmo just out having fun??? Hey I'm driving down to Loreto next week, if I go down through Coco's will I be pre-running?? What if I want to visit my friends Mike & Cholie (former owners of Del Borracho bar in Loreto) out in San Juanico am I pre-running if I go out through San Ignacio? What about Tim Morton??? Is he pre-running when he gives a tour within 30 days of a race? Any idea how much time Cam Steel spends playing in Baja?? Is that all pre-running???

No road books, no GPS, no course markings. Get to the check points where you come out at the highway any way you can/want. Like it was in 1969.
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