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Originally Posted by klaviator View Post
great update.

This one statement especially stood out. Yes, riding a small scooter has a tendency to put a shit eating grin on your face

after over 2 years and 10,000+ miles on my super 8 it still has that affect

enjoy your scooter and don't be in a hurry to move on to a bigger and "better" scooter.
Thanks! I think I'm going to keep a scooter around no matter what happens with other bikes - it's very practical and fun! I don't think I'll want or need a bigger scooter so much - I live in a small town in rural Utah and a 150cc is just about perfect

Originally Posted by wentwest View Post
i agree with what klaviator wrote. A 150 is about perfect for city streets. A 250 is equally perfect if you ride on busy freeways. On regular, light traffic freeways a 150 will work fine, unless you are well over 200 pounds. Keep the tires aired up to 28 or so, maybe a pound or 2 more in the back. There's a temptation to look for a bigger machine, but they are not as nimble and responsive as a 150. That ability to dart and dash is hard to find in a bigger machine.

Just remember, no one sees you! You're invisible now. Don't count on anyone doing anything logical. In a little fender bender they get annoyed, you get dead.

Head up, eyes open, and off you go.
I can totally agree I actually weigh about 300 pounds (I'm working on reducing that soon) right now, so this is going to be strictly an in-town machine. Besides, the closest freeway is about 60 miles away The only bigger scooter I'd want would be a Big Ruckus, but I don't want to spend that much. It just looks like it would be great for the dirt roads around here.

Oh, I know I'm invisible - I've got almost 2 years and 15,000 miles on my V-Star 650 (most of that in Las Vegas) so I'm used to thinking for all the cagers around me That said, I noticed today that I seem to have gone from nearly invisible to negative visibility - people see me even less on the scooter

I'm thinking I may have to see about possibly re-painting the beast before too long though - It was cheap enough and there's enough scrapes (and a bit worse) on the plastics that it might turn into a decent rat-rod type machine...

No matter what though, I'm gonna have FUN
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