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Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
If anyone is caught free running 30 days prior to the event there disqualified with no refund
So on April 7th if I'm leading one of my business rides (which I will be) on the section from LA Bay to Ignacio and I am seen by Mike or Ken or whomever does that mean I'm DQ'd (i mean, IF i was entered)?
Oh, and by the way, I won't be riding that section anyway along with much other Mex1k uses cuz there's way better stuff out there to ride.
Or like X on here who just did a Baja ride... he's racing too so is he DQ'd.
Like Chris and Strong said, it's impossibe to enforce.
Not starting a pissing match, just sayin'

And for sure Marks hit his head too many times... I'm with Chris saying "there's only so many places you can run vintage". There is no freekin' way I'd want to race (drive) some of these NORRA cars thru a LOT of typical SCORE course. For 1 it wouldn't be fun and 2 it would destroy beautiful machinery.

Damn, I think you guys type too much and I just added to it.

Oh yeah, I forgot the.... "!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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