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Originally Posted by ME 109 View Post
Man, things are still whooshing over my head.
I put a toilet on my bike and your asking about a headlight glass that isn't in the photo?
Which does have lines. Orange ones.
I can see that I will need to use the'embarrassed' smilie soon.
Quit putting gas in your beer?

OK, crapper on a bike. Two questions arise in the mind:

1). Why is it facing backwards? I would think it would be easier to get on the bike, drop 'em and then scoot back for the perfect throne seat. But it needs to open to the rear, not the front.

2) What's under it? How did you handle the seat pan with the solo seat and the rear subframe? This requires investigation. I find the pizza pan option, the worlds largest goldfish pond, you putting gas in your beer, more worlds largest goldfish pond, The Bike With No Sidestand. (or center stand, interesting option), Worlds largest goldfish pond under construction, Joy of your life, having a personal tech day in the middle of a camp out, Fish in the worlds largest goldfish pond, Fishin' glory (we know where you caught them and that you staged the shot), and this:

No lines on the glass.

I wondered how you got them off so I just asked. never did find NFO on the seat pan or subframe and I got tired of looking at the most excellent goldfish pond (really, very nicely done!)
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