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Originally Posted by koncha View Post
Sorry, I should have been more verbose in my reply.

My brother originally started with fendered, low-deck gooseneck that was additionally used for equipment movement. This was another Big Tex that was certainly hefty enough to cover the weight of the container with the contents. He tried a series of adaptations to the trailer to get it to cover both uses. He was never able to get the stability to where he felt safe pulling it.

He dropped a significant amount of money trying to get something before cutting and running to a dedicated trailer. He eventually sold the low-deck and uses the high deck for everything. (Along with a car hauler and a few other lighter duty trailers.)

Seems like you are moving down a parallel path.

My brother and I have messed with a few container ideas as we work on a concept for a shared cabin idea. I saw that lift when I was watching footage of the German military pulling out of Afghanistan. I started watching eBay and saw one pop up that was mislabeled as a 'heavy equipment high lift jack'.

Thanks Amigo!

I don't have The Answer. This is something that I have been following for maybe 20 years. Without the budget of the Defense Department one has to go with what one can scrounge ;)

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