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Get comfotable rallying along while standing on the pegs. Get to a point where you have a firm but relaxed grip on the bars. Squeeze the seat/tank with your knees, shift your weight using the pegs. The Denali is just a shrter version of the TOW, Dempster, and Dalton. You could have miles of smooth followed by a sheer terrifying washout or an RV stalled on a curve. Dont forget Yogi and Bullwinkle making mad dash suicide run.

Practice full power braking in a variety of conditions using a mix of front/rear. Hammer the throttle to get out of a jam. Exceed your limits on dirt roads at home to get a handle on what your bike (and brain) are capable of. Much better to be confident in those HOLY CRAP moments.

Try to remember to STOP and take in the sights and LACK of sound. I'm horrible at doing this. I'm usually riding with guys like AKMud or Fast Eddie and we can't help but go fasterfasterfaster. If you cant resist, go fast one direction, then slow down for the return!

Have fun!
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