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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Not to sure about who will drive the Blazer when. Don Adams, Malcolm Smith, Cam Theriot and Kash Vessels will be the drivers. Don is almost too old to consider, Cam wants a throttle restrictor for Malcolm because the last time Malcolm drove Cam's class 1 car he rolled it, Cam won't go fast in that car (he all but said so), so that leaves Kash to drive it like it should be driven. Also the rebuild on the motor was a very mild "pump gas" build with only 425 hp.

The problem with the vintage bikes is that the young guys won't ride a bike that is that harsh and ill handling, and us old guys are not in good enough shape any longer to be able to hold on for that long.
As the guy with 2/3rds of the vintage bike entries I have to say we have a little of old and older guys riding. Good shape or not were gonna give it a try. Oh and honzilla takes offense to the harsh and ill handling comment

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