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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
Where legal, I don't think "safety" is an issue beyond the judgment of the individual rider. The problem is to non riders who see someone splitting where illegal, they won't see any difference between 'illegal" and "unsafe".

The only reason I question doing it illegally is the long term effects it may have on all riders. Like with cyclists ,a few people are looking for any excuse to cause us misery on the street or in the law books.
Why ask for trouble?
I'm pretty well convinced that its a matter of 'holyhellfireshit! WTF was that?!' more than it is a safety issue when a MC shares lanes here in the DC area.

Least in the people paying attention.

I'm also convinced that if more people did it (see Houston for an example) that the cagers wouldn't react nearly as erratically. FWI've heard/seen here, Houston MC riders are taking it upon themselves to share lanes in rush hour traffic. I haven't heard of many issues resutling from that.

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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